Terms for age differentation

"Old, vintage, collectible" - 30-99 years
"Antique" - 100 years and older
"Ancient" - BC (before year 0)


From my recent inspiration a beautifully designed range of one of a kind collectible Neckpieces - dating from 1200 - 1800 AD 

Milene Rust


Ref nr MR120

Composition:  Superb hand-picked selection of vintage Czech 18th cen. glass beads,Ethiopian handmade silver, Antique Ethiopian brass wedding rings, BC Stone fromMali, small antique brass pendants from Nigeria, 16th cen. small Dutch opaque glassbeads, 400 years old well-worn Czech molded amulets that are propably based onIslamic rock crystal prototypes-often worn by peul woman in Mali/Upper Volta.Their beauty has been enchanced by the effects of wear, turning stylized objects into abstractions - obtained in West Africa.  See:  "Collectible beads" - Robert K. Liu-p.35-c.1995.
Hand made brass findings.
aLenght - 83 cm Multi-strands - 13
>Price -ZAR12 500.00  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M  2007

Ref nr MR123

Composition:  Rare collections of escavated  faience glass beads -arrived through the trans-Saharan trade-(origin/Egyptian) founded in Nigeria-1200AD,
Variety of colours and bead sices, old antique silver cions from West Africa, 18th cen. pressed sea-green
Czech glass beads, hand made Ethiopian silver giriama beads.
Lenght - 78cm
Multi-strands - 5
Price - ZAR18 000.00  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M  2007


Ref nr MR124

 Composition: 18th cen. opaque small Dutch glass beads, rare large 16th cen.
Dogon blue opague Amsterdam  glass beads, 17th cen. red Venetian eye-beads, old ivory pendants
align=center>from Ibo tribe/Nigeria, antique brass beads and rings from Nigeria.
Necklace inspired by the Dinka tribe from Sudan - see: "Africa Adorned"-Angela Fisher -p.58)
Hand made brass findings.
Lenght - 54cm
Multi-strands - 6
Price - ZAR5890.00  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M - 2007

Ref nr MR125

Composition: BC stone beads from Mali, Antique silver cions from West Africa,18th cen. pressed glass Czech sea-green Vaseline beads,Antique Ethiopian wedding ring,Nigerian brass beads,Hand made brass findings.Lenght - 44cm Price - ZAR4350.00  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M - 2007

Ref nr MR126

Composition: Vintage Czech moulded green glass pendants from Mali often been worn by the Peul andFulani. 18th cen. small pressed glass worn by the Dogon - very rare -small antique Nigerian bell,Antique lost wax casted Dogon pendant from Mali-18th cen. "gooseberries' - stripe rare
Venetian glass beads, small hand made brass Ethiopian beads.
Hand made brass findings.
Lenght - 55cm
Multi-strands -4
Price -ZA R4990  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M 2007

Ref nr MR129

Composition: Exguistily beautiful and very Chinese in character-rare sea-green Czech 18th cen.
pressed glass- located in Nigeria- small brass castings from Nigeria, 400 years old well-worn
Czech moulded amulet.
Silver hand made Egyptian findings.
Multi-strands - 2
Lenght - 68cm
Ref nr MR126
Price - ZAR4980  (Free shipment worldwide) SOLD

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M 2007

Ref nr MR130

Composition:  Finest hand-picked selection of Venetian/Murano and Dutch antique beads dating from 16th -18th cen.Antique lost wax Dogon pendant. Small hand made Ethiopians giriama silver beads. Antique hand made brass beads from Nigeria.9.25% Sterling silver hand made findings.
Lenght -  48 cm
Price - ZAR3 780  (Free shipment worldwide)

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M  1992

Ref nr MR132

Composition: Finest hand-picked 16th cen. Dutch glass beads, Ethiopian silver
wedding ring, antique Ethiopian silver, antique refined lost wax Dogon castings
from Mali.
9.25% hand made sterling silver findings.
Lenght - 48cm
Price -ZA R6000  (Free shipment worldwide)

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M  1995

Ref nr MR137

aligComposition: Most sought after beads in Africa-superb example of tribal copal-semi
fossilized amber from Mali-largest bead circumference -14cm.
Lenght -  92cm
Price - ZAR38 000.00  (Free shipment worldwide)

C O L L E C T O R S  I T E M - 1986




Each necklace are packed and labelled according to ref/composition in our exclusive designers hand made boxes.
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